Hand made bears

All bears are hand made. The fur is made of mohair. They are in the style of bears of yesteryear. They are jointed except for some very small bears. The eyes are glass eyes or French Boot Button eyes. The paws can be wood felt or rexine but I have not strayed far from this, due to tradition.

Due to the high standards of Health and Safety, the bears we enjoyed and played with as children, are not now suitable for children. However, if children own any of them, the occasional leap from a shelf for a hug is always comforting.


Some bears love the circus and some are lucky enough to take part. These are my clowns. They have beautiful ruffs around their necks and most like to wear hats.

Old Boys

I have some older bears from yesteryear. They are usually old English Bears but labels are lost and the designs are so general that it is difficult to state exactly which company they were made by.

When a label is found, only then can we be really certain of it's make. These vary depending on my find and how it is restored.


Some of my bears wear sweaters and some wear hats. The colours are vibrant and all clothing is designed and hand made by me. I love creating these clothes and gather wool from all over the world on my travels. Bears are not usually far from my mind, especially when I visit my family in California; I swear the Black bears wink at me as they amble past in Yosemite!

Restoration Work

Family bears are so precious to us that a wealth of experience and care is needed for any restoration work. There are standards and criteria that must be met.

I restore old bears and this is usually charged at a reasonable rate. I will undertake most repairs but a close inspection is preferred. I live in the South East of England on the coast, so with expensive bears, a meeting is arranged and the price is discussed before the work is done. The work is carried out quickly so if there is a backlog, then the meeting will be arranged according to work load.